Improve employee productivity and lower your healthcare  costs  with powerful content, comprehensive health tracking and engaging wellness challenges. Everything you need to get real results!
Eat Well
Lose weight and gain confidence with programs for healthy eating, nutritious meal planning, overcoming emotional eating, developing a positive body image and more!
Our trusted experts have created over 1,000 programs, workouts, podcasts, and videos. We change behaviors and improve outcomes by focusing on the underlying causes of health problems, not just the symptoms.
Engagement is the key to getting real results. A simple 90-day fat loss challenge, fun weekly contests, personalized program recommendations and “game-ification” of member activities enhance participation.
Our user-friendly health tracking tools make it easy for members to store biometric data and monitor progress over time.
Five real-time, HIPAA-compliant reports track health demographics, usage rates, and member engagement within your "white-labeled" platform interface.
Healthy recipes, restaurant menu guides, and a huge collection of informative videos make it easy for members to develop healthy habits.
A unique coaching support module addresses the inefficiencies in most coaching programs. Vigoroom content can be seamlessly integrated into telephone coaching sessions, which drives member accountability and generates reports on member activity and coaching performance.
Connecting with others for support and encouragement makes a big difference. The Vigoroom Community, with its message boards, blogs, and groups allows users to share information and communicate across companies.
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