What Will Your Employees Experience?
Our platform is easy-to-use and designed to engage a broad range of employees—from the most fit to those who don’t pay much attention to their health. Every employee gets personalized recommendations and targeted care plans based on their unique health profile. They are regularly offered engaging challenges that create a culture of wellness.
 What is the HR Administration Experience?
The platform has built-in strategies for engagement and is highly automated so administrators can manage the platform with minimal time commitment. Our team assists with implementation, launch and ongoing support. Challenges can be activated in less than a minute. Real-time reporting of engagement and outcomes is accessible anytime.
Employees Get Real Results with our Huge Library of Engaging Content
Over 1,000 programs, challenges, workouts, and videos address the underlying causes of health problems, not just the symptoms.
Weight Loss and Nutrition
Eat Well
Physical Fitness
Move Well
Get Better Sleep
Sleep Well
Stress Management
Feel Well
Money Wellness
Live Well
Cristie Plant
HR Director
Alpha Analytical / MA
HR has always been excited about wellness. With Vigoroom, it's the first time our employees have become excited too. We see more engagement and participation with Vigoroom than with any of our previous wellness programs!
Megan Moeder
Marketing Director
Ocala Family Medical Center / FL
Vigoroom has been a fun way to get our employees active! The different challenges allow everyone to participate, no matter their health status. We have employees asking when the next challenge starts and this has boosted internal comradery!
Everything Your Company Needs in One Easy-to-Use Platform
Recommended Programs: See how gamification enhances member participation.
Recommended Programs:
Based on self-reported health profile and screening data
Challenges: Create a culture of wellness with turn-key or custom challenges
Wellness Challenges:
Create a culture of health with turn-key or custom challenges
Connect with all major fitness and wellness trackers
Wearable Devices:
Connect with all major fitness and wellness trackers
Engagement / Outcomes: Real-time reporting on activity and screening data
Engagement Tracking:
Real-time reporting on user activities, progress and outcomes
Boost Engagement: Customizable V-Points help you reward healthy behaviors
High Engagement:
Proprietary short & long-term strategies to maximize engagement
Goals, body metrics, journaling, workouts, wellness checklist, etc.
Patent-Pending step-tracking games and incentives tied to V-Points
Wellness Coaching: Integrated coaching module for high risk employees
Wellness Coaching:
Integrated coaching module for high risk employees
Custom Content: Create unique content with our easy-to-use templates
Custom Content:
Add unique programs & challenges with easy-to-use templates
Mobile Apps: Easy access to engaging content via mobile app, tablet, or desktop
Mobile Apps:
Easy access to engaging content via mobile app, tablet, or desktop
Admin Friendly: Easily manage the platform with minimal time and effort.
Admin Friendly:
Easily manage the platform and content with minimal time and effort
HIPAA Compliant: Keeping Protected Health Information private and secure.
HIPAA, HealthIT.gov and penetration tested against cyberattack
Client Support: Get quick, friendly responses from our client support team
Client Support:
Get quick, friendly responses from our client support team
Aimee DiBartolomeo-Cody
Premier Benefit Plan / NY
Vigoroom has been a pleasure to work with. The Vigoroom team is creative and accommodating. They always come up with solutions for clients with unique needs!
Nikki Cottingham
Director Human Capital Management
Mayvin / MD
With Vigoroom, we have been able to create an exciting wellness culture throughout the company. We have long-term momentum thanks to the high level of support we receive.
Lindsey Gardiner
Employee Benefits Consultant
McGriff Insurance Services / CA
Vigoroom has a short and long term formula for boosting employee engagement, which includes gamification, a point & incentive system and lots of creative wellness challenges.
Torrey Amstutz
Benefit Advisor
Employee Benefit Design / MO
Vigoroom improves company culture! Challenges + Prizes + Camaraderie + Proactive Health Focus = Engaged and Productive employees and Improved Bottom Line!
Ryan Harris
Vice President
Walton Insurance / MI
We chose Vigoroom as our own agency platform and our preferred wellness vendor for clients. The portal never ceases to impress with its depth of engagement, programs, challenges and resources.
Comment from a Participating Employee
Just want to say how grateful I am for this program. I hate exercising, but with this program it gives me something to strive for and an equal chance to win a prize. Plus it’s good for my health! Thank you very much.
Bringing Innovation to the Wellness Sector
Vigoroom is different from other platforms in 4 key ways:
We have the largest programmatic wellness content library in the world. Personalization means there’s something for everyone - from the most de-conditioned individual to a health enthusiast.
We are incredibly easy to use for employees and admins. Employees love our Netflix-style engagement and recommendation model. And admins find our back-end insightful and intuitive.
We connect with over 300 wearable devices, including iOS and Android smart phones, for tracking steps and activity. This data feeds into our patent-pending step challenge games.
We offer a unique approach to maximizing engagement by integrating short-term and long-term activity with an automated incentive strategy designed to boost participation levels.