The role of a fitness trainer is often defined narrowly. Stress, poor sleep, addictions or unresolved emotional issues may be keeping the clients from reaching their fitness goals.
The coach can now access resources to address the underlying issues that critically impact client health - and the role of the trainer can be greatly expanded and redefined.
Clients leave when specific goals are met and coaching income drops.
Vigoroom extends the life of the client relationship by expanding the services of the coach and by facilitating custom “maintenance” programs for successful clients.
Fitness coaches only earn income when they work directly with a client. Income is limited to a number of hours/day.
Vigoroom helps a coach be more efficient using online assignments between sessions using our platform.
Some coaches are not benefiting from the use of technology.
Vigoroom provides a high tech platform, including a content delivery, communications and engagement tracking system ~ plus trainers get their own branded interface and mobile app.
Corporate business is tough for coaches to secure.
Vigoroom’s holistic wellness approach and robust content library opens corporate doors for both an employee wellness solution and for coaching of high risk employees.
Other platforms offer limited opportunity for content customization.
Vigoroom allows coaches to easily add their own programs and challenges (or modify ours) to reflect their own unique philosophies and coaching strategies.
Running a successful coaching business requires more than good coaching skills.
Vigoroom provides all the tools to run a business professionally, including merchant accounts, invoicing, e-contracts, reports, scheduling, etc.
When a client takes a break from coaching, the coach loses contact - and often loses important records or information about the client.
At the click of a button, all records for inactive clients will be securely “Archived” and these clients cost you nothing. Re~activate them anytime to resume coaching.
Clients are only engaged and accountable when they are working directly with their coach.
Every business wants to expand attention and mind-share from clients. The Vigoroom platform creates communication and accountability processes that deepen the coach-client relationship.